Banding at these two sites forms part of a broader study on the avian fauna across the Cumberland Plain to track the change in populations over time. Bird trapping and banding is usually carried out at Wianammata Nature Reserve on the first Sunday of each month and at Windsor Downs Nature Reserve on the second Sunday.


Wianamatta Nature Reserve Banding Station is situated along The Northern Road at Cranebrook, with the entrance almost opposite Seventh Avenue;

Entry to the Windsor Downs Banding Station is through a gate on Sanctuary Drive a few hundred metres north of the Nutwood Lane roundabout.


This is an ideal opportunity to participate in a research project, which aims to document and then monitor the bird communities across the north-western sector of the Cumberland Plain.

If you participate, you will have the opportunity to join with qualified banders and gain insight into the distinguishing features, ageing and sexing of species by observing them in the hand

If you wish to attend, please contact Dr. John Farrell by Email prior to the event  – or Jeff Hardy –